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Keep your heating unit working properly with a system tune-up, repair, or maintenance, which should help ensure your system is operating at its full potential. Our experienced technicians work on various brands of heating systems. Regardless of the brand of equipment you own, our technicians are highly skilled to manage your heating needs.

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How Your Heat Pump Works in the Winter

During winter, your system will go through a defrost cycle to get ice off the outdoor unit. While it may look alarming, it’s normal for your unit to frost over during colder months, and the defrost cycle doesn’t mean your system is on fire. You don’t have to worry If the frost is a thin white layer of ice. However, if the frost is clear and thick, give us a call.

The outdoor unit motor and fan will stop, and the compressor will continue to run during the defrost cycle. You will see steam coming from the top of the outdoor unit. Then, your system will switch to auxiliary heat, and you will see the auxiliary display on your thermostat. The defrost cycle shouldn’t take over 15 minutes. If it does, please contact us.

Your auxiliary heat (heat strips) and heat pump work hand in hand in the winter months. Due to low outdoor temperatures, the heat pump isn’t enough to maintain the desired temperature in your home. Your auxiliary heat should come on for short periods to bring the temperature up to your desired temperature.

If you notice your auxiliary heat display or light staying on for long periods, this could indicate something is wrong with your heat pump system. Contact our team today at (828) 466-2112, and let us know how we can assist you with your heating systems!

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